Mark the Cobrasnake has a long history of making your dreams come true. The next awesome page in that history will be written in neon pink highlighter over the summer of 2010, when the Cobrasnake brings you The Cobra Shop.

A combination retail store-art gallery-secret clubhouse-video game arcade-photography studio-hot spot-recreational facility, The Cobra Shop is a bold new expression of the Cobrasnake lifestyle that is going to change your life forever.

The Cobra Shop is a fully functional vintage clothing store featuring the hottest pieces from the Cobrasnake’s personal collection, an exclusive selection of new merchandise from the coolest brands on earth, limited screen prints from Shepard Fairey, jeremy scott archive peices ,special awkward family photos installation, Steve Aoki's favorite shoes, Vespa imaginary test drives and the world’s best selection of weird and unique items personally selected by the Cobrasnake for your shopping pleasure.

Located on the 4th floor of the Hollywood and Highland mall, The Cobra Shop brings together Cobrasnake’s extended network of hobos, artists, actresses, designers, photographers, bodybuilders, vintage hounds, comedians, chimpanzees, and models to bring you the most incredible retail experience of the 21st century. The Cobra Shop draws its inspiration from the diversity and energy of Los Angeles, a fusion of the grunge and funk of Hollywood Blvd., the posh appeal of Beverly Hills, the cool easy breezes of the Pacific Ocean and the sizzling heat of an illegal street hot dog.

Open for business starting June 16th

please direct all inquiries and press requests to [email protected]


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